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Some of you know that I have done a couple of designer showhouses over the past few years. What many of you do not know is they are expensive and we are generally fixing up a house that is already over a million dollars in value PRIOR to the work (that the designers fund). The last showhouse I participated in is now owned by a certain well known Mainer we know as McDreamy. It is fun, it is pretty-but did it matter? No. Can design make a difference? Absolutely.  

This is #whatmatters to me:

Children's Odyssey is a preschool that helps children with developmental obstacles. Many children are referred there for  early intervention. The student to teacher ration is 1:1 to 1:3, so it is a rather expensive endeavor and the waiting list is rather long. They have been helping children overcome obstacles and get back on track, developmentally, and the results are amazing.

I know this because my wonderful 4 year old has been attending Children's Odyssey since fall of 2017. In less than one year she has gone from frustrated and struggling to communicate to HAPPY, communicative, and well adjusted. The support provided by these angels disguised as teachers has changed the course of her future. I want-more than anything-for more children to have the opportunity to receive early intervention. In August 2018 they move into a new school! The old read st school is being renovated and they are able to offer more programs and help more children because of the expanded space-that is the good news! The space is a bit rough (concrete block for 3 out of every 4 walls) but it is a bigger, better facility!


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A recent fundraiser helped raised funds for the children's classrooms, but we have a long way to go and need to furnish the adult spaces. Here is what we are trying to accomplish:

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.35.13 PM.png

The administration office is a top priority. I need 4 matching desks, desk chairs, and FILING cabinets. I think legal size but we need to check with the school. The current ones are falling apart and full. Does anyone know  commercial furniture manufacturer that would be interested in donating these items? All donations are tax deductible!! I am providing a table and chairs for the center of the room-for staff. 

The staff lounge is kind of exciting. The teachers have spent the last few years trying to do curriculum planning sitting on kids chairs or the floor. No where to work or eat lunch. The library will be in that room as well. We are using the old administration desks and painting them (I am donating mineral paint) but we really need: a sofa or armchairs, a dining/break table and chairs. We have some shelving but open to more!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.36.54 PM.png


The conference room is dear to my heart. IEP meetings happen here-Individualized education plans. There are usually parents, teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, members of child development services. Usually a minimum of 8-9 people but often 12-14. My concept of this is either one large conference table or two traditional dining tables pushed end to end. I want to collect leftover dining chairs (mismatched) and paint them all the same color.  See below! Please send your cute, random extra old chairs my way! Am also ok with brand new ones :) And some tables, please. It would be helpful to have storage in this room as well for school supplies. The storage would need to be a freestanding unit as the wall behind it is concrete. Credenza? Buffet? Cool cabinet? Not as important as the table but much more flexible in what would fit. 

These are the flooring and wall colors chosen by the school.

These are the flooring and wall colors chosen by the school.

The family lounge needs: a sofa & coffee table. I have bookcases and a chair to donate. 

Those are the most immediate needs. By mid August...as for the rest-I am a big believer in dreaming big, so I would also love to find donated: blank canvases for Art, large picture frames (art), a wallpaper installer, shiplap or stikwood style paneling (not a need, but would transform that concrete), someone to paint a simplified mural on a wall. Bean bag seating from Yogibo-because these feel wonderful for little bodies with sensory processing disorder. I am also open to ideas!! We need a small army to help paint donated, repurposed furniture currently housed in my garage. We will be using fusion mineral paint that is VOC & Ammonia free.

Please reach out if you would like to be involved. My cell phone is 949.533.5507, email is vanessa@fioreinteriors.com 

ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. If you don't have a way to donate anything on our wishlist-money can be donated HERE







Vanessa Helmick