What an Interior Designer creates with Real Estate...

...Miracles. That is the short answer.

The longer answer-we shorten the number of days on the market, help streamline the prep process for sellers, and we know what buyers want so we don't waste time  or resources on anything else. We have developed relationships with tradespeople and vendors and know where to source and who to hire if updating is needed.  We prepare the property for sale and free up time for the Realtor to do their marketing and work. 

I hate the word "staging". So much. I never offered staging as a service when I lived on the west coast. It was reserved for my design clients who also had real estate investments. I took some bad advice when I moved to Maine and offered it as a service and then was pegged as a "stager who also does design". Huh? When I make payments on my student loans, it is was not for a staging program.... you get my point. So I took some time off from this part of my work and re-evaluated my priorities. The fact is I produce success every time I participate in a project geared for Real Estate in Portland (or surrounding areas). I have no interest in cheap flips that involve painting over flooded basements or hiding flaws. Those are not my people.  My people are committed to selling homes that are presented with integrity. 

In 2014 I quit responding to bargain hunters who offer "exposure" for reduced or free work.  I am a 38 year old experienced, published, interior designer. I can work miracles on a small budgets if the home owner is motivated. I do not discount my work because I offer many different price points for consultations. Everyone can afford guidance from a professional. This reflects my values as a person.  There is nothing wrong with budgets or being frugal-that is where the creativity and experience brings balance and success.  I am simply good at all things Real Estate and I love working with other people (Realtors, Developers, Builders, motivated home owners) who are successful, honest, and happy!

These are the Real Estate offerings for 2016-2017. If you would like to discuss them in person, please come visit the studio! 

Verbal Home Staging Consultations: up to 2 hours, clients are encouraged to take notes.

Written Home Staging Consultations: Access to the property is required. The designer will provide a written report following the visit and assessment. A .pdf document of the staging report will be sent to the seller and the seller’s Realtor (if requested) within 48 hours. Typically these reports are 4-10 pages and provide the written blueprint you’ll needed to stage a home yourself.

Occupied Property Staging Enhancement: After an initial home staging consultation we return once the pre-staging recommendations are completed. Utilizing what you currently have in your home, Fiore’s designers enhance, edit and re-arrange your existing furniture and décor to showcase the space.  ** Shopping services and purchase options for furnishings are also available upon request.

Vacant Staging: Currently we offer vacant property staging services for homes up to 5,000 square feet. We have several options to choose. Pricing estimates are available by phone or email once scope of work can be determined. Full house or key rooms only. We offer both rental services as well as purchasing for builders/model home units.

Corporate Relocation Staging: Staging to sell the home of the relocated Executive or employee, as well as setting up furniture and households for incoming Executive or employees. Furniture used to set up the new home can be rented or purchased. We also work with the relocated family’s existing furnishings. Less extensive than our interior design services but with the same professional standards.

Commercial Real Estate Staging: Fiore stages your commercial office spaces with rented or purchased furniture and décor intended to attract the best tenants.

MLS Photo Styling: This service is available to existing staging clients who have had their home staged with Fiore Interiors and would like pre- MLS photo “staging” styling services. Fiore will be on site the day MLS photos are taken to ensure your rooms photograph their best. If your Realtor doesn’t currently have a professional photographer on staff, we can coordinate/assist in hiring one.



Vanessa Helmick