Fiore’s founder, Vanessa Helmick, attended Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California, and has focused on residential interiors since 2005. She practiced residential design in Los Angeles and Orange County before relocating to Portland, Maine, in May of 2010. Since that time, her interior design work has been featured in several magazines, newspapers, radio, and television throughout New England. 

What is "Fiore"?

Fiore is Italian for flower or blossom. The founder of Fiore Interiors, Vanessa Helmick, grew up with the nickname of Rosebud (her middle name is Rose) bestowed on her by her father, who remodeled every home he acquired. In 2014, Vanessa welcomed her daughter, Aria Rose Noyes. 

We believe that homes grow, evolve, bloom, and blossom. Over time, they see families sprout, grow, leave, return: The many seasons of family. This is the spirit of Fiore Interiors. Transforming a house into your radiant home. 

Fiore Interiors:

  • Works within many styles while retaining originality, so your home won't feel dated.
  • Develops designs that reflect your unique taste and personality, providing you with multiple options within a collaborative partnership.
  • Enjoys creating spaces that harmonize your senses and your surroundings with your needs and functions for the space.
  • Believes life happens and beautiful design must also be functional (we promise not to install silk sofas for your toddler to play on): we are experts on durable, colorful, elegant, and current materials.
  • Is honored to listen, analyze and understand your thoughts and dreams for your home.
  • Is an expert on the broad range of healthy, stylish, and eco-friendly available materials: we believe green is the standard, not a trend.
  • Prides itself on being down to earth: we insist on bringing joy and excitement to the process of coming HOME.
  • Is committed to preventing costly mistakes that clients tend to make without proper guidance; we safeguard the design process and your resources. 

Who is "We"?

We refers to a team of local partners: general contractors, architects, assistant designers, and installers. It truly depends on location and the scope of work. 

We offer two types of design services:

Full-Service Project Management: This is best for large-scale projects and typically involves contractors, sub-contractors, architects, tradespeople, and all interior products (furnishings, decor, window coverings, etc). While we are happy to work with your chosen tradesperson, we do prefer to use our local vendors and sources as we have excellent working relationships, high levels of quality, and communication standards that result in a successful endeavor and happy clients! It is a process that has been refined over the years and makes a huge difference in the success of a large project. We establish and track budgets and lead times, coordinate move in, and provide status updates, and updated ETAs. We generally do not accept more than 4 full-service projects per year. 

Consulting Only (Hourly): This is best for the homeowner, restaurant owner, or retail store owner that wants a designer to develop the design but prefers to implement it on their own to conserve budget. It is also a great fit for clients with smaller homes or vacation condos and big dreams for their space! We require a retainer and minimum hours per project. The commitment is shorter than our full-service management, but the design is still personalized for each client. We provide you with a complete design file, tradespeople guidance, access to exclusive products, and implementation assistance, as needed. We do not track budgets or lead times or coordinate with multiple tradespeople for consulting projects. 


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